How to pay Whatsapp with (paypal,google wallet,credit card)

One of the research that is done very often on the Internet is how to pay Whatsapp. The service is free for the first year and then became a fee to the tune of € 0.89 for the 12-month, € 2.40 for 3 years and € 3.34 for 5years.
That said, the payment methods are basically two:
- Google Wallet which includes credit cards / debit / gift, PayPal and charge the phone credit.
- Send payment link: Send an email with a link to make payment from a PC.

To pay with Google Wallet just go to Settings-Account-Info payment. It will come to this screen:

Pressed on Google Wallet and choose which method you prefer .

As for the charge of the telephone credit, at the moment it is the only excluded Vodafone. The credit cards accepted are American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron (only outside the US).

Send link payment means sending an email to yourself or to a friend who wants to pay for you.
The link contains an address that allows you to pay for your subscription using PayPal.
The main advantage of this link is the ability to pay using a PC and to receive payment from a friend. Your friend does not need any access to your phone. Passwords and credit card information is not stored on your phone.

To pay your account WhatsApp only use the address generated as it contains your phone number. Each link is unique, so there usatene other.

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